Upcoming Sermon Topics

Advent Sermon Series: Journey to Bethlehem

December 9: Service of Lessons and Carols

December 16: Mary: A Joyful Servant, Luke 1:26-38, Trinity Whitley
An angel tells Mary that she would soon be a mother. For a young, unmarried woman, this news was terrifying. But after hearing the words of the angel, Mary responds with faithfulness and joy. Our calling to discipleship is not always a happy one. It can be full of difficult decisions, because God calls us to face incredible obstacles. The joy in discipleship does not come from the ease of our calling, but from the faithfulness of God. 

December 23: Joseph: The Faith of a Father, Matthew 1:20-23, Brad Clayton
God called Joseph to a very difficult task -- to be the father of Jesus. Joseph could have abandoned Mary and abandoned God, and his friends and family would have called him a smart man. But Joseph remained faithful. God calls us to the difficult task of discipleship each day. How are we called to be faithful this Christmas season? 

December 24: The Journey From Bethlehem, Luke 2:1-20, Brad Clayton
Our journey to Bethlehem brings us to a baby in a manger. The joy and hope of this season are all because of this child. But the greatest surprise is that the story does not end here. Jesus takes us on a new journey to places we never imagined. As one journey ends, our new life begins. 

December 30: Comfy Clothes SundayColossians 3:12-17, Trinity Whitley
Wear whatever you're comfortable in to church this morning, just come. If it's a 3-piece suit because "your life is a dressy occasion," come in that! If it's the new PJ's your family gave you for Christmas, wear that! Just come as you are! As we come dressed in our comfy clothes, we'll be encouraged to look at Paul's call for us to "clothe ourselves" with those things that most emulate Christ. But what does that look like? And how does that really call us to live?