Upcoming Sermon Topics

Sermon Series: Miracles of the Old Testament
Over the next five weeks, we will explore several miracles of the Old Testament. God has been a God of miracles since the very beginning, and through these stories we hope to recognize God's providence in our own lives today. 

January 21: A Talking Donkey, Numbers 22:22-35
God speaks to His servant Balaam in many ways, but most dramatically through his own donkey. The angel of the Lord stood directly in front of Balaam, but he could not see the angel. Is it possible that God is speaking to us each day, and we are not listening? Today we look at a miracle to tune our eyes and ears to the voice of God. 

January 28: A Prophet's Meal, 1 Kings 17:8-16
Elijah was a conduit for many of God's miracles, and in this story Elijah teaches a woman that hospitality brings new life. In a story that may remind us of loaves and fishes, a woman shares her last meal, only to receive much more in return. 

February 4: The Contest, 1 Kings 18:20-40
In an incredible attempt to prove the power of God, Elijah orchestrates a tremendous contest on the top of Mt. Carmel. In this dramatic miracle, God proves that there are no other gods, but the one, true God. Again and again we ask God to prove Godself to us. Why do we constantly need this proof? When our prayers are not answered, is that proof that God is not there? Today we will look at the burden of proof and the power of faith. 

February 11: Courageous Faith, Daniel 3:8-18
In this familiar story, God protects three Hebrews who are thrown into a fiery furnace. But the greatest lesson for us may not be the actions of God, but the incredible faith of these three men.