Upcoming Sermon Topics

June 18: Keeping Promises, Genesis 18:1-15 
God makes an incredible promise to Abraham and Sarah, one that they do not believe. But God keeps promises, even those that seem incredible. Our greatest hope is that God keeps promises even when we do not. 

June 25: Vacation Bible School Sunday.
After an incredible week of Bible School, our children will share with us about God's amazing love. Through the smallest voice, God can speak profound good news. Join us as we learn from our children. 

July 2: A Cup of Cold Water, Matthew 10:40-42
Jesus calls us to serve our neighbors, but we often look at the problems of the world and get overwhelmed. Jesus shows us that the smallest gestures speak volumes.

July 9: The Burden of Being Wise, Matthew 11:25-30
Jesus reminds us that true wisdom is not always what it seems. Jesus cherishes those who follow in faith even when the path is not completely clear. Once again, we must challenge ourselves to trust in God's wisdom and not our own. Today we will also observe Holy Communion by trays.

July 16: Sibling Rivalry, Genesis 25:19-34
Jacob and Esau remind us of our gravest sins: the need to conquer our brothers and sisters. In this complicated story of birthright, carelessness and treachery, Jacob gains power in a world where he has none. These two brothers teach us about conflicts throughout the centuries and provide a window into our own need for power. We will also commission the youth for their Montreat trips.

July 23: Putting up with the Weeds, Matthew 13:1-9
Weeds can grow anywhere, and we normally do all we can to pull them up so that they do not hurt the plants. But in this parable, the master tells us to leave the weeds where they are. How can we identify those weeds in our own lives and what should we do with them? 

July 30: Convinced, Romans 8:26-39
Paul writes to a group of people who are in a spiritual wilderness. They are worried about what lies ahead because Jesus means that they will have to face persecution. But Paul reminds them that there is nothing that can separate them from God's love. There are lots of things in our lives that distract us from God's will and blind us so that we cannot see God at work. But Paul wants us to be convinced that God's love never fails. 

August 6: Wrestling with God, Genesis 32:22-31
We wish that God would always answer our prayers and make our lives easy, always fighting for us and never against us. In our passage, Jacob wrestles God and learns who he is called to be. What can we learn from Jacob in those moments when we wrestle with God's will for our lives? 

August 13: Youth Sunday
Our senior high youth have returned from Montreat and they will lead our worship service today. The theme for the young conference was "A Mission Peace." Come and worship with us as the youth help us find the missing peace in our own lives. Today we will also observe Holy Communion by Intinction.