Upcoming Sermon Topics

Sermon Series: Beyond the Tomb

The story of Easter does not end with the empty tomb. Instead, the story of Easter begins as the disciples see Jesus again and again, and they realize He was far more than the King that they expected. In this sermon series, we will look at several stories when Jesus appears after the resurrection. We will see that our story begins when we take the story of the resurrection to the world.

May 21: Baccalaureate
Like Nothing Has Changed, John 21:1-14
The tomb was found empty just a few days ago, and now the disciples have gone back to their normal lives. They are fishing, as if nothing has changed. Has anything changed for us since Easter? What would it take for us to change our lives and follow Jesus? 

May 28: Gazing at the Sky, Acts 1:1-11
As Jesus ascends into heaven, the disciples are caught gazing at the sky. But Jesus Christ has given them so much to do. The work of the church is not "waiting on Jesus." The work of the church is being "the Kingdom come."

June 4: Pentecost Sunday
The Gift of the Spirit, Acts 2:1-21
The day of Pentecost is the birthday of the church when we celebrate the Holy Spirit equipping and empowering the apostles to share the gospel. The Holy Spirit gives us all these gifts to share the gospel, so we must find ways to use them.