Upcoming Sermon Topics

Sermon Series: Acts of the Holy Spirit

April 22: Surprised by the Spirit, Acts 10:25-26, 34-35, 44-48, Trinity Whitley
The Apostle Peter was sent out to preach the gospel and encourage the Jews to follow Jesus Christ. But throughout his travels, Peter encountered the Holy Spirit, not just among the Jews, but among the Gentiles too.  Even though they did not follow the same laws or customs of the Jews, Peter realized that the Gentiles were being called by God as well. God's calling is not directed by customs, or comfort zones, but only by the Holy Spirit. 

April 29: Jailhouse Religion, Acts 16:25-34, Brad Clayton
Paul and Silas were thrown in prison in Philippi, but even in the midst of persecution and death they both remained faithful. It was their faithfulness to God that got them arrested, and their faithfulness that sustained them in prison. We often turn to God only when we need God's help. But it is often our faithfulness in times of trouble that can be our greatest witness to others. 

May 6: To An Unknown God, Acts 17:16-28, Brad Clayton
Paul shared the gospel with Gentiles all over the world. When he went to Athens, he looked at their shrines to so many different gods and realized that God is everywhere, even among those who don't believe. In a world where more and more people identify as "spiritual be not religious," what can Paul teach us about evangelism? Can we learn to see God at work in places where we have never seen God before? 

May 13: No Longer Orphans, John 14:18-31, Brad Clayton
Before Jesus left the disciples, He promised that He would never leave them orphaned. He promised that the Holy Spirit would be with us, teaching us everything that we need to know, and equipping us for all that we have to do. In one of His last speeches to His disciples, Jesus reminds them that they will never be left alone. 

May 20: Youth Sunday, Pentecost
The Faith Presbyterian Youth Group will lead worship. They will describe ways that the Holy Spirit continues to speak, work, and empower us even today. The Holy Spirit not only speaks to us, but speaks through us, and so we must learn to listen for God's voice within each other. 

May 27: Matthew 18:21-35
Guest preacher, Rev. Harry Horne, will preach on the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant. We all are in need of forgiveness, not only from God, but from each other. Even though our lives depend on God's forgiveness, we sometimes struggle to forgive those who have caused us harm. Forgiveness takes courage, but the burden of carrying a grudge can be just as great as the burden of guilt. Jesus reminds us that forgiveness brings us new life and new possibilities.