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Sermon Series: Live Simply

August 27: Love Generously, Luke 21:1-4
Brad Clayton preaching
Generosity is a virtue. It is not measured by our wealth, or our tax deductions. Generosity comes from the spirit and it is a virtue that takes practice. Today we will talk about the power of generosity. It has the power to transport those who receive and those who give.

September 3: Serve Faithfully, Ruth 1:6-18
Serving Faithfully means our faith is put into action. Faith is not just something we believe in our minds, or a set of precepts that we acknowledge. Faith is a way of life, a model of living that calls us to service in the name of Jesus Christ. Of course, our faithfulness ebbs and flows as disciples. Our ultimate hope is that even in those times when our faith is lacking, God's faithfulness endures forever. 

September 10: Speak Truthfully, Ephesians 4:1-16
Paul calls the Ephesians to "speak the truth in love." This is a lot harder than it sounds, because sometimes the truth is hard to bear. We either use the truth as a hammer that tears down relationships, or we ignore the truth and live with deception. Even as disciples, we have become very skilled at avoiding the truth about ourselves. Our greatest model for truth is Jesus Christ, who teaches us the truth about ourselves, but does so with grace and love.

September 17: Pray Daily, Luke 11:2-4
Jesus gives us a model for prayer. This prayer was never meant to be our only prayer, but a model for all of our prayers so that we may have the confidence to reach out to God every day, in any circumstance. With this model we can learn to pray to God when are joyful and when we are grieving, when we are grateful and in those moments when we have great need.

September 24: Everything Else, Psalm 33:13-22
Leave the rest to God is easier said than done. To give the rest of your worries, your responsibilities, your desires to God requires both patience and trust. Today we will talk about the importance of trusting God to guide us throughout our lives, and surrender to God's will rather than our own.