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Oct 06, 2019

Thank-FULL: Bounti-FULL

Thank-FULL: Bounti-FULL

Passage: 2 Corinthians 9:6-12

Speaker: Brad Clayton

Series: Faith-FULL

My parents always taught me to clean my plate because there were lots of hungry people in the world. Today we celebrate God's church around the world that gathers and shares communion together. We sometimes have a small view of the church: just the people inside our sanctuary. But scripture reminds us that God's church is not bounded by our limits, but it includes those around the world in heaven and earth. Scripture also reminds us that God's gifts are bountiful and that we should be willing to share God's gifts with each other. Paul teaches us that how we view ourselves and our gifts are important. Do we see our gifts as cheap or valuable? Do we see our gifts as scarce or abundant? Do our gifts belong to us or to God?