Upcoming Sermon Topics

 Sermon Series: Extra-ordinary

In the liturgical calendar, the Sundays between Pentecost and Advent used to be called Ordinary Time. The Sundays through the summer, through Stewardship season, through the Pumpkin Patch in October, were always known as "ordinary" Sundays. But even on ordinary days, we have the chance to experience an extraordinary God. Through the summer we will look at the ordinary texts of the lectionary and see ways that God is extraordinary every day. 

July 21: A Dose of Hospitality, Luke 10:38-42, Brad Clayton
The story of Mary and Martha always makes me mad. I agree with Martha. Why does she have to do all the work? Why does she have to carry the load? Why does she have to be the "worker bee?" But maybe Jesus is not praising one sister over the other. Maybe Jesus is giving us a new definition of hospitality. 

July 28: Judging Each Other, Colossians 2: 6-19, Brad Clayton
As churches in the United States have declined, congregations have turned against each other. We judge each other by how we worship, what we stand for or what we stand against. We push each other and hold each other accountable, but we can also be too judgmental. Paul encourages the Christian converts to not succumb to judgment, but to trust that all are made righteous through Jesus Christ. 

August 4: What are You Building? Luke 12:13-21, Trinity Whitley
A face in the crowd asks Jesus for help to help him with a dispute with his brother. Jesus responds with a parable of a man whose possessions are so great that he builds bigger barns. Saving, planning, building barns seems like a smart move. It keeps us safe and gives us power to influence others. But could we be missing out on something while we are building barns?  Could we miss out on opportunities to serve while we are keeping ourselves safe? Christ does not want us to forget the present while we are focusing on the future. 

August 11: Youth Sunday
The youth have returned from Montreat and they will lead us in worship. I am so thankful for their gifts and talents that they will share with us.